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It's got to stop!
We've got to stop it!

Join with millions to:

* Wear and distribute black ribbons and armbands

* Refrain from buying gas

* Pressure politicians and the media

* Hold vigils, pickets, rallies, and teach-ins

* Hold special religious services

* Coordinate events in music, art, and culture

* Host film showings, talks, and educational events

* Organize student actions: Teach-ins, school closings, etc.

Iraq Facts

Iraqi Children Orphans

The Iraq war has cost a great number of children one or both parents.

The United Nations estimates there are 40,000 children living in orphanages – NPR
Children 'starving' in new Iraq
Increasing numbers of children in Iraq do not have enough food to eat and more than a quarter are chronically undernourished, a UN report says.

Malnutrition rates in children under five have almost doubled since the US-led invasion.

March 2005
Child mortality soars because of violence, poor health care
"Never in Iraq's history have so many children died because of diseases and violence. The mortality rate among them has jumped to a level which will require years to be controlled," said Dr Jaffer Ali, a senior official and pediatrician in the Ministry of Health.
"In Iraq, children are dying from the easiest curable diseases worldwide like diarrhea and pneumonia but with the deteriorated health situation in the country, the increase in the number of malnourished children and thousands of displaced living in poverty conditions, the possibility of reducing this high figure is remote," Ali added.
According to Save the Children's report 'State of the World's Mothers', released on 8 May, 50 Iraqi children died per 1,000 live births in 1990.

Today, the rate is 125 per 1,000 births, more than double.
Iraq Today
The Flight From Iraq

The collapse of Iraq has created a refugee crisis, and that crisis is threatening to precipitate the collapse of the region.

The numbers dwarfed anything that the Middle East has seen since the dislocations brought on by the establishment of Israel in 1948.

The overall estimate for the number of Iraqis who have fled Iraq was put at two million ...

The number of displaced Iraqis still inside Iraq’s borders was given as 1.9 million.

This would mean about 15 percent of Iraqis have left their homes.
Universities Near Collapse
Hundreds of professors and students have been killed or kidnapped, hundreds more have fled, and those who remain face daily threats of violence
With tens of thousands of Iraqi Christians US troops forcibly occupied a Catholic college for Philosophy and Theology in Baghdad.
War & Reconstruction
Protecting Assets
When US troops entered Baghdad they had orders to guard only two buildings - the Oil Ministry and the Ministry of the Interior
In the rush to Baghdad troops left standing and unguarded armories full of munitions that have been used in the so-called insurgency.

Americans troops stood by while museums, power plants, hospitals, national archives, banks and other vital infrastructure were looted.
The U.S. embassy in Baghdad has 1,000 staffers.

According to the Bush-appointed Iraq Study Group, only six are fluent in Arabic.

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