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Interview to the periodical of national circulation The New Democracy - Brazil

Round table with members of the Brazilian Committee of Solidarity to Iraq- Curitiba.

They had participated of the table: Jose Gil de Almeida,president of the Committee, journalist and writer, director of the Periodical Green Water of Curitiba, Marcelo Tavares, student, member ofthe Movement Direct Democracy of the Paranل, Carla Regina, PublicEmployee.

The Brazilian Committee of Solidarity to Iraq - Curitiba, was established in 1989, and since then it works in the spreading of information on Iraq,printing periodicals, posters and brochures.

The suport Committee theIraqian resistance and affirms that Iraq must be sovereign, through thewithdrawal of all the foreign troops of the country.


To such press of "left" in the InterNet it has caused deep disillusionment with its general analyses on the question of the lynching of Saddam.

It hasdiscerning tickets, but the thick one of the interventions assists the imperialista reaction in the interpretation of the personality of Saddam.

At least controller recognized it as maximum of Iraq (and legitimate, forsignal, elect with more than 90% of the votes, at the same time where the Bush outlaw made right its first election to the base of shamefulagreements), officially prisoner of invading and genocidas troops.

Many"progressives" had preferred to treat it as one fera enjaulada that,however, would not have to be executed in the gallows (the problem is the execution, the gallows), being unaware of its reasons, as if the lawyers(and it) they had not contested, one to one, the accusations that had beendirected it e, more of the one than this, had not placed the imperialistaarmy, the court puppet and all its flunkies, in Iraq and the entire world,in its had place.

AND - Which the position adopted for the Committee ahead of this dreadfulcrime - it enters as much committed by the Yankee imperialism against theinternational law - what was the lynching of president Saddam, obtaining to congregate to one time the humilhaçُes perpetrated against a head of State legitimately kept by its people alone, since its capture, passing for the torture, until the censorship more brutal than reached its uprisings, including to the permission of its final declaration?

Jose Gil - the murder of president Saddam Hussein was an act estarrecedorcoward and. The North American imperialism, the government George W. Bush,is responsible the direct one for plus a crime against all the humanity.The terrorist North Americans had invaded Iraq, daily they promoteslaughters of the civil population, and had arrived the pointdemocraticamente to promote the lynching of a president-elect for the Arabpeople of Iraq. This in case that it demonstrates that the North Americanimperialism is what it has of more barbarous, wild and been slow in ourplanet. Our Committee sent a letter to president Saddam Hussein 6 hoursbefore its murder, for periodicals of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraqianresistance. In this letter we transmit to president Saddam the admirationof the Brazilian people for its firmness and courage front to the invadersof its country, we praise its dignity. We remember the periods ofcommercial partnership, cultural politics and between Brazil and Iraq, andfinish affirming that the Iraqian people will be successful, and that theNorth American imperialism will very pay a high price for the crimes thatpractise in busy Iraq.

AND - For us, the reasons of president Saddam inhabit in the right to theself-determination of the peoples. Iraq has the right of being free, thingthat the imperialism does not recognize - when not only it is mentioned toIraq, but the peoples of the entire world. By chance, the Iraqian people,the Palestinian and all the too much peoples who use of its inalienableright of escorraçar the imperialism for are of its borders, above ofeverything, are not defending the peoples of the entire world?

Marcelo Tavares - Yes. It is an inalienable right of the peoples to fightfor the freedom. Unhappyly, the world lives the dictatorship of theimperialism, that monopolizes the media mercenary. Every day the mediasrepeat lies manufactured in the Pentagon and Telaviv. The people of Iraqand Palestine has the right to fight of all the forms, with all theweapons, to defend its land and its population.

AND - President Saddam,whom she denied to deliver Iraq to the Yankee imperialism, at some momentasked for exile? Of its family, only the children - Raghd, 38 years, andRana, 34 years - meet exiled in Jordan.

Carla Regina - All the informationthat we receive from the Iraqian resistance disclose that Saddam was ahero until the end. Its children had tumbled in the battlefield fightingagainst the invading enemy. Saddam also died fighting. At no moment itbent over itself to the imperialism. The family of Saddam Hussein gave agreat contribution to the history of the humanity in the direction to showfirmness, valentia and courage.

AND - The decision of the controllers, officers and soldiers of army theIraqian -, also previous to the final invasion and it has massacreed - wasnot exactly of if to integrate to the people (still that certaincontrollers of the army have traيdo the cause) and all these patriots hadunchained the resistance war when the imperialism announced that the warhad finished? In these conditions, it is not truth that president Saddamhas not been found "in a hole" (to the way the one that says the CIA), butin a trench, as one to militate honored?

Jose Gil - We have information of the Iraqian resistance demonstratingthat Saddam was captured in a mansion after to stop combat of more than 2hours with the North American invading forces. When its ammunition onlydepleted it was captured. All that theater of the arrest of Saddam in ahole is one practical one of the North American government to the long oneof history. The lie is the Bible of the Bush administration. Khomeini hadreason when it said that "the demon governs the United States".

AND - Days before, its children, also members of the resistance, had beencaptured and cruel murdered. Proud its assassins had shown (before thechambers of the world-wide monopoly of the medias) pieces them bodies themchildren of Saddam, mutilated for the CIA - Uday and Qusaycano, in 22 ofJuly of 2003, after captured in Mosul, north it Iraq, being that in thisdate also the adolescent son of Qusaycano was assassinated, of 14 years.That "government" protested energicamente against this or at least itcompelled the repeaters of its country, for the part that touched to them,to ask for excuses to the Iraqian people for repeating the calumnies ofthe Yankee imperialism?

Marcelo Tavares - we do not know of no government that has assumed publicthe defense of the truth in this in case that, and the majority of thecases that involve the imperialism. No government if revealed not to giveexcuse to the North American imperialism. These murderous Barbarianssearch excuses, search reasons to attack the too much peoples and nationsto steal its wealth natural. They are oil thieves simply. The children ofSaddam are mلrtires of the fight of release of the Iraqian people. How much to the children of Saddam, me he seems that Jose Gil changed to somee-mails with the Uday months before it tumbled in combat.

AND - It is truth?

Jose Gil - Yes. The Uday regularly visited the Ministry of Information ofIraq and arrived to change some messages with it. In the beginning itrevealed admired with the existence of solidary Brazilians with the causeof Iraq, forming Committee and working in the spreading of the truth. Wereceived at the time much information from Iraqian former-diplomats, whohad been assassinated by the CIA and the Mossad in the weeks that if hadfollowed to the occupation of Iraq. The Uday thanked the Brazilianssolidarity and the support, and wrote in its last message that the fightof the Iraqian people would be victorious, did not import the time thatpassed. The opinion that I have on the Uday is of a young patriot,honored, loving of justice and the truth, and that it gave to its bloodand its life for the release of its country.

AND - Also they wait Dcszan lynching Ibrahim, Al Hassan (half brother ofSaddam) and Awad Al Bandar (a former-judge). That government comesdemanding the acquittal of these men? What it makes "the Brazilian"management in this direction? It prepares a note of weighing?

Carla Regina - the Brazilian government goes to silence, because this isits secular politics. The Brazilian diplomacy always acted in top of the wall. The government Squid does not have the courage of a Hugo Chavez to say the truth in the face of the North Americans. With certainty otheriraqis will be assassinated, lynched, tortured and deceased, because thisis the practical one of the imperialism.

AND - Beyond the tortures against members of the heroic Iraqianresistance, proven and satiated denounced in the entire world, alsopresident Saddam was tortured and humiliated, public and daily, during allthe time where she was withheld, culminating with the vile lynching. Toeach calumny in the courts, president Saddam answered with indefensibleaccusations. But what they had made of great part of its words? What heappeared registered in the world-wide monopoly of the press of everythingwhat it said in defense of Iraq and the heroic Iraqian resistance? Bychance president Saddam was not lynched accurately because the necessityurged to end its judgment, a time that the processes against it retracehistory of the ambushes conspired and the aggressions of the imperialismto Iraq and to all the peoples of the calls Middle East and next, duringdecades, uninterruptedly?

Jose Gil - President Saddam Hussein was lynched accurately by thesereasons, for defying the North American imperialism, defending the peopleof Iraq. All the restored criminal proceeding against it was a humbug, andtherefore diverse "judges" had been changed, and three defense attorneyshad been assassinated in elapsing of the great humbug called judgment forthe press occidental person prostitute. In the arrest time, Saddam was tortured by North Americans and treasonous iraqis, but it behaved itselfas a true hero, and he did not submit himself to the imperialistas. Its example of resistance and fight is a glory flag tremulando in the historyof the humanity, perpetual.

AND - They are committed constant instants and irregularidaes during theprocess moved against president Saddam. There they are: the occultation oftests of the defense; expulsion of the defense attorneys of the room ofjudgments (and its domiciliary arrest); acceptance of declaration ofcriminals of war (as Busch, the insane person) in the condition of part ofthe process defending the execution; arbitrary substitution of four of thefive initial judges; not acept of tests keys of the defense; intimidationof witnesses etc., etc.

Carla Regina - a true humbug. A true mounted circus to deceive ingenuous,uninformed people for the great press. The paper ridicule played for the"judges" who had lynched president Saddam is a shame, is plus a page ofmisery and barbarity written for the government of the United States of America.

AND - The entire world took knowledge of that three lawyers of president Saddam had been assassinated during the "processes". That implications have this for the defense of the prisoners of war of all the countries attacked for the Yankee imperialism?

Marcelo Tavares - It is a concrete test of that everything was a humbugwithout limits, a great circus mounted for the Bush government to deludeand to deceive the the whole world peoples. However, the people whomproper reasoning has, that has proper opinion, know that everything was a humbug, and as such it must be rejected.

AND - No matter how hard the world-wide monopoly of the medias directedmainly for the USA speaks of Iraqian government, today no Iraqiangovernment does not exist, senمo that the government of entente under thehegemony of the Yankee imperialism. Nothing of that the flunkies of theimperialism make he is legitimate. The humbug who culminated with thelynching intended to be presented as that preceded for a judgment, whoseexcesses could not be attributed to the imperialism, but to thepresumption Iraqian government and that this little mattered since in themonologada version of the press world-wide fascist the "Saddamformer-dictator age of fact a blood" etc. However, the necessity of ifexempting of president Saddam made with that the imposters interruptedother judgments moved against it. Then, the objective never was to selectand to judge president Saddam, but to kill it in the attempt to erasetests and to humiliate the resistance. This is not evident?

Carla Regina - Since the beginning this false judgment had as objective tolegitimize the murder of a democraticamente elect president for itspeople. The current government of Iraq is the government of presidentSaddam Hussein. The imposters who had been placed in positions puppets forthe North American imperialism to judge president Saddam are treasonous ofthe native land, treasonous of the Iraqian people, treasonous of the Arabpeoples and all the peoples of the world. When the authorities nominated for the North American imperialism speak on behalf of the people of Iraq,have will to vomit.

AND - The imperialism moved a war of aggression against Iraq. The threatagainst the humanity, attributed to the government of president Saddam,was unmasked entirely, well before the imperialism unchaining theslaughter against the Iraqian people. Saddam never was lunatic dictator,enemy public number one. That nuclear, biological or chemical bombs evenhad Saddam, fact contradicted for the ONU, before initiating theslaughters? By chance he is not proven that these qualities are proper ofthe Yankee controllers, whose atrocities satiated are known since theSecond World War I?

Jose Gil - the North American military are the best pupils of the Hitler.They had learned that a repeated lie a thousand times can confuse muchpeople. E to the long one of the history of slaughters, tortures and warsof the North Americans, this practical if repeated and if it repeatsdaily. This barbarity practised for the North Americans to the long one ofthe centuries, goes to take to a tenebrous time for all they. A time will arrive where each North American will be hunted as fera in all thecountries of the world, what she will be very bad because the majority of the North American people does not agree and not suport the atrocitiespractised for its government. Unhappyly a war like industry in the United States exists very powerful, that control the media, the politicians andthe leaderships. It is the government of the generalized corruption, the petroliferous industry the service of the warlike industry. It is an aberration politics that will bring in the future much suffering for theNorth American people.

AND - The Iraqian court is puppet, beyond assassin, as much how much theadministration and the current army that if say iraqis. The Yankee Congress liberated 128 million dollar to organize the "court", under theorders of the criminal of war Paul Brener III, former-head of ententefascist in Iraq, the same court who does not have jurisdiction to judge nocrime committed for the Yankee army nor of the imperialistas forcesauxiliary. Ahead of this, as had pronounced themselves the representativesin the ONU, to start for current pelego South Korean?

Marcelo Tavares - the Organization of the Joined Nations does not pass ofanother great humbug mounted for the winners of the Second World War I,under the control of the United States of America, to explore and topillage the other peoples and nations. The new general secretary of the ONU, the South Korean puppet, little dog is one the service of theimperialism. Of this time the ONU was demoralized in its higher degree,not remaining nor leached ashes. It is a garbage, a humbug that onlyserves governing to nominate relatives and friends with high wages. Whenfinancing the Iraqian court the Bush government bought the verdict, thatis, the lynching of a president.

AND - The Constitution, still effective in Iraq, did not allow the execution. The one that it was rascunhada by the imperialism existsopposing the International law that proيbe the change of the Constitutionof a busy country. That "sovereign government" raised its voice against this?

Carla Regina - For that we know so far, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez hadonly criticized openly the North American politics in busy Iraq. To kill,to torture and to assassinate, the North American imperialistas pass overeverything and of all, they pass over the laws, they pass over the honor,of the decency, the dignity. They are criminal scoundrels.

AND - In 2003, while the world-wide monopoly of the medias "showed thewar" to leave only of a external image in the outskirts of Bagdل, themurderous troops of the imperialism invaded Iraq, burning, killing andstealing everything that found for the front. Its gunmen assassinated,proceeded to the booty and violated cultural the historic site of Iraq.The worse criminals had made to return to that country brother, hadinstituted the anarchy, the death squads. Of the robbery, of theassassيnio, the slavery, the terror they had made the law. They hadreduced Iraq to the inferior condition of a protectorate. That countryprotested energicamente against this aggression? Exactly before, that"government" if notabilizou against the embargo, the importation of foods,fلrmacos and medical products, or against 25 terrible daily attacks of theimperialism during 12 years?

Jose Gil - That I know, until the moment, only Cuba and Venezuela has saidthe truth, but the occidental medias censure and repeat ladainha of thecriminals of the Pentagon. Iraq is a country that had its violatedsovereignty, covardemente was attacked, its population is being massacreedevery day, and seems that world-wide the public opinion is anestesiada.Diverse movements of solidarity to Iraq in the majority of the countriesof the world, but nothing strong and very effective appear, as thehistorical moment requires. We would have to form very strong aninternational movement, promoting has boycotted to all the products ofNorth American origin, leaving to supply cars in ranks of the Esso andShell, that are the great allies in the robbery of Iraqian oil. Through agreat world-wide mobilization we could prepare the confrontation to thisterrorist politics of the Bush administration.

AND - Since the last invasion, without loss of time the centuriُes ofentente come assassinating leader of the national minorities so that thetreasonous ones assume its places and proclaim an interminable war ofdispersion as form to extend the sabotage against all and any action ofthe resistance. What it has been the shock of religious factions senمothat has left of this war of dispersion, that promotes the confusionbetween nationalities and religious groups to occult the fight for the self-determination of the nations?

Marcelo Tavares - It is in course today in Iraq and Palestine the sameNorth American politics to promote divisions internal. The carrascos of Saddam Hussein all said the time in names of shiitas leaderships in Iraq,with the only intention to incite the division between sunitas andshiitas, so that the task of the invaders is more easy. They want todestroy Iraq and its people, and in this direction they invest in thedivision of the country, in the acirramento of the religious differences.The same it happens in Palestine, where the sionista racist governmenttries to play members of the Hamas against members of the Fatah. They arestrategies of war, nothing more. The people of Iraq and the people ofPalestine will know to recognize its true enemies, the invaders, to winthem and defeat them.

AND - "governments", chairmen of the imperialism, had been (and theycontinue being) submissos of the one than others, varying only in thepudicos commentaries, because much more of that embargoes against theimperialism if still imposed (and if it imposes) the requirement - of thatcountry it will be, that individually - of immediate withdrawal of hordasfascists directed for the USA, in such a way more the Organization of theJoined Nullities speaks of peace and homologates the destruction of thenations. Why this requirement of the movements of mass, that mobilizedmillions in 2003, in the whole world, was interrupted?

Carla Regina - I believe that the opinion publishes world-wide ispreparing a great reply to the humanitarian catastrophes perpetrated bythe North Americans in the whole world. They can call me optimist, but Ithink that in the next months we will have many manifestations in diversecountries. However, a great brainwashing in the press exists occidentalperson. In the past, during the military dictatorship, it had thealternative press, but today the periodical number is very small as theNew A Democracy, that publishes the truth of the facts.

AND - The lynching of president Saddam was so evident, exactly before ifdivulging the images of the fury with that they had dealt it, that thesedemoralized chancelleries (including the "Brazilian") if capsize forced toforward evasions in diplomatical note forms. Some "governments" if hadrevealed saying that the execution "would not decide the problem", as ifthe problem it was the gallows, or that (bad) the choice of the date ofthe murder suggested "new tumults", "new waves of violence", in accordancewith that the CIA orders to say in the TV. By chance, the denunciationagainst these submissos governments does not have definitive andcabalmente to be taken to the streets? If it does not have to demand ofmanagement FMI-PT severe and urgent sanctions (and to keep them) againstthat promote the aggression to Iraq while they do not proceed theimmediate murderous withdrawal from its hordas?

Marcelo Tavares - We waited that the government of the PT was moresovereign, more coherent with its past. However, the party if folded tothe weight of the governabilidade, to the international commitments withthe imperialism. The truth is that the government of the PT does not haveautonomy, does not have force nor popular support to face the Bushgovernment. It does not have force not even to launch a note worthy andhonored diplomatics. They had made the game of the majority of thecountries of the world, to search excuses, to tergiversate, to try to hidethe obvious one. It had national sovereignty, it had press freedom, it hadjustice, the peoples would leave to the streets to protest against plusthis hideous crime practised by the North American government in Iraq.

AND - To the flavor of the flows and refluxos of the actions of theimperialism, the world-wide monopoly of the press fascist if contradictsand if it demoralizes to each day. In our country, the repeaters(televising or printed) of the agencies of world-wide repression, withoutthe lesser modesty redistribute the terrorist campaigns of theimperialism. Professionals of intrigue and of the defamation they sign itsproper condition of terceirizados of the CIA and propagandist of the warof aggression against the peoples of the entire world. By chance, if itdoes not have to denounce the executor and the mandator? If it does nothave to demand of the such unions and professional associations (and ofethical its so decanted), a minimum of honor and commitment with thepeople, denouncing the criminal actions of these professionals? Senمo,when in we will oppose them to the fascism?

Carla Regina - the call the great press is a prostitute the service of theNorth American imperialism. This says everything. The great medias are theservice of the lie, intrigue, the televising dirt. Happily I did not studyjournalism, because he would have much shame of my friends of profession,with rare and honrosas exceptions. The great periodicals, and until smallperiodicals, the television channels and radios, lie 24 hours per day,every day of the year, as if the lie was a religion or something seemed.The media occidental person is a garbage. The eastern media is submissa tothe plantمo governments. E with this, the world is uninformed, beendeceptive, and the people are with the sensation of that they live inanother planet. The truth is that the North American imperialism is terrorist, would have imprisoned and to be judged by the crimes thatpractise hoije and that they had practised in the last decades, but thisdoes not happen, and what it is more lamentable, the great press condemnsthe victim and praises the criminal.

AND - The biggest precision of solidarity of the peoples to the Iraqianpeople only can inhabit in the fact to all concentrate the support to thepoints that reflect the biggest outcries of the heroic resistance, andthese are the points programmarians. The program divulged for Socialistthe Baaz Party [ Arab ] and its resistance - or the points defended forthe different organizations that if present to the world and form betweenitself the most consequent and coincident patriotic program of the Only Front of the great Iraqian people - in them seems to be the form morejoust, opportune objective and of defense of Iraqian independence.

Jose Gil - All the chains, factions, armies and movements that integratethe Iraqian resistance deserve our support and solidarity. All they fightfor the release of busy Iraq, and when remaining firm and destemidos inthis fight, they are also fighting for the release of Palestine andAfganistan. Independently of religious option, of being shiita or sunita,the basic one is to concentrate efforts in the fight against the foreigntroops who are in Iraq. Thus that these troops will be rejected, loosers,will fit to the Iraqian people, of sovereign form, with the freed country,to decide its future. She does not fit to the North Americans and English to say and to impose what she is better for Iraq. The Iraqian people only knows what he is better for Iraq. The democratic forces of the whole worldneed to join in a great chain of solidarity the Iraqian people, to the Palestinian people, the Afghan people. It is a great cowardice what theimperialistas are making in these countries. It is the barbarity without limits. It is the terrorism of State practised in its more recent face.The true terrorists of the world are the North American military, theadministration Bush, the British government, the sionista government ofIsrael. These is the true terrorists of the humanity. The peoples and movements that fight for release are heroes, they are honored and worthy,and not terrorist, as they affirm the true terrorists of the humanity.

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