sábado, 19 de janeiro de 2008


Let the Iraqis decide what to do with their oil

Deixem os Iraquianos decidirem o que fazer com seu petróleo

Help us pile thousands of postcards like the one below on the desk of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi asking her to do everything in her power to let Iraqis decide what to do with their oil.

We'll send you postcards;

all you have to do is ask your friends, family and other members of your community to sign them.

Dear Speaker Pelosi:
Establishing a sound process for extraction and distribution of oil revenues is a vital step toward peace and stability in Iraq. For this process to be successful, it must reflect the desires and interests of Iraqis themselves. Please do everything in your power to prevent the United States from pressuring Iraqis to pass the 'hydrocarbons bill' or any other legislation dictating who will control Iraq's oil, including the role of private companies.
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Because foreign policy is too important to be left to the politicians.
Porque policiar os estrangeiros é importante demais para ser deixado para os políticos.


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